Sunday, April 04, 2010

Chile's Devastating Earthquake Fallen vehicles are seen by a destroyed highway after an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Santiago, capital of Chile

www.legendshiw.blogspot.comPeople carry supplies along a street in Talcahuano, southern Chile.

A couple walks past a destroyed statue of Chile's National Hero Bernardo O'Higgins in Concepcion.

www.legendshiw.blogspot.comPassers-by observe the remains of a destroyed building in Concepcion

www.legendshiw.blogspot.comConcepcion, the day after a huge 8.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Chile early morning killing at least 300 people.

www.legendshiw.blogspot.comA man carries some of his belongings after a tsunami hit Pueco, 10 kms from Concepcion, the day after a huge 8.8-magnitude earthquake

www.legendshiw.blogspot.comResidents sleep on a pavement for fear of aftershocks following the earthquake

www.legendshiw.blogspot.comChilean policemen try to maintain control during the delivery of flour to the population in Concepcion.

www.legendshiw.blogspot.comFiremen look for survivors through the night

Chilean rescuers search for survivors inside a destroyed building complex.